Stephen Akers

Hi, I'm Stephen

My life is dedicated to the people, places, and ideas I love. Allow me to explain...


I have many  exciting interests. Here are a few.



I'm an accounting major, but my interest in business goes beyond balance sheets. I enjoy using the financial understanding to make decisions that fuel opportunity and empower others.

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Communicating is key to any organization, and I thoroughly enjoy exploring strategies to make sure everyone on the team is in the loop. (I definitely get this from my mom.)

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Everyone who knows me knows I love technology. It enables automation and allows the natural fruition of progress. Combined with the liberal arts and keeping humanity at the core, tech will continue to revolutionize the world.

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I absolutely love people, especially these people: my family, friends, colleagues, mentors, teachers, public servants, and saints. I strive to do what these inspirations would want me to do.

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Creative Vision.
Realistic Thinking.

What does this mean? Essentially, I strive to be a balanced person. A person that can see the big picture and understand the steps to get there.


Experience spotlight • student government

Working for change.

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