Always Forward. Everywhere Forward.



Always Forward. Everywhere Forward.

Where we ARe

From humble beginnings, Ave Maria University turned tomato fields into academia. Mr. Monaghan's Faith and vision transformed this place into an up and coming town for higher learning, spiritual growth, and community.

I know there are problems, and I won't promise that with my election they're all going to disappear. However, I will work with the council to push forward everyday. As President, I will strive to always listen to concerns, and find solutions.


Who we are

I wouldn't be running for this position if I didn't believe in it. Ave Maria University's Mission is to form joyful, intentional followers of Jesus Christ. I believe in that. Each of us has been given many gifts to use for the glory of God. I am constantly inspired by my classmates' incredible talents, and I am committed to using my strengths to strive to make Ave better for everyone, in hopes that ultimately we will be able to more deeply grow in virute and holiness.




As President, I'm going to keep listening to your concerns, and from my experience these last two years, here are some things I'd like to focus on next year.



  • Resources for Clubs and Households
  • The Catholic Council Network
  • Inter-Council Processes and Communication


  • Project STOVE Common Space Renovations
  • Dining Services Partnership
  • Community Feast Days


  • New Ideas for STOVE and Common Areas
  • AveBlue Sustainability Initiative
  • Representative Leadership Development



As a Freshman Rep, I spent my time learning about the processes in place, and working for solutions to common problems. I had a little bit of a learning curve, but soon discovered how much I love working for my friends here at Ave. As Treasurer, I've worked to redesign our budget system, making our financial data easier to access and more accurate.


September 2015

Elected a Freshman Class Representative. Teaming up with the Council, introduced Ave Maria to Dunkin' Monday.


October 2015

Rep. Akers and the Development Committee put new pool furniture in place. This years' committee plans to maintain and add to the furniture next year.


November 2015

Teamed up with Reps. Rhein and Tourville to host a class meeting. It was fresh.

December 2015

Worked with Culture Chair Marisa Helms and the Council to celebrate the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe


January 2016

Implemented a new video screen system on campus in partnership with the Office of Student Engagement and Operations

February 2016

Visited Benedictine College. Started laying the groundwork for the Catholic Council Network.

March 2016

Helped host the SGA Forum - explaining SGA's progress during the year, and listening to student feedback and concerns. (At this forum, the idea for Express Breakfast was posed.)

April 2016

Assembled the Goretti Conference Room and worked to develop future plans for Project STOVE

June 2016

Implementation of the JPII Lobby Project

August 2016

Served as Student Coordinator of New Student Orientation


September 2016

After working with the Executive Board during the summer, we welcomed our Council and newly-elected freshman reps back to campus, and defined our goals for the year. (This gem was taken at Christmas.)

February 2017

Helped coordinate and host the first Catholic Council Network conference - with attendees from Benedictine College, University of Mary, and University of Dallas

March 2017

Extensively involved in months of planning for the largest Feast of the Annunciation celebration. As Treasurer, carefully monitored costs and revenues for this event.